GroupyCity goes Murau – Enjoy the GroupyCity Tour in Murau (Austria)


We are pleased to announce our new partnership: togehter with tourism association “TVB Murau-Kreischberg ” we try to write a new chapter and allow you to experience GroupyCity in Murau.

GroupyCity is currently the most manifold product in our Groupy-family; the brand new all-in-one audio system with exciting additional features for individual city exploration tours.

Live guided tours can be performed easily via the tour guide systems and at the same time popular places, monuments and even several museums can be linked together. GroupyCity holds an integrated GPS system that supports geocoded content: Groupy automatically detects where you are and plays back previously saved content automatically. The integration of local gastronomy or shops is possible too – Groupy “automatically invites you to a cool drink” or points to special offers and perks. There is no limit to creativity and our concept can be individually expanded.

(Inter)national guests of Murau are thrilled
Numerous national and international guests of Murau are already enthusiastic about the GroupyCity guide and explore the city in German, English, Italian, Hungarian and soon also other languages in the form of an exciting radio play. The historical figure Anna Neumann, together with a narrator, explains the history and special sights of Murau and increases the value of the old town walking tour to a special experience.

Coming soon: It will be possible to explore not only the city, but also two regional museums (wood and craft museum) with GroupyCity – without having to change the unit. The internal storage, available in various sizes and the combination of outdoor GPS tracking and indoor number identification offer a unique opportunity to explorers. GroupyCity – the next generation of audio transmission systems.


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Photocredit:  TVB Murau-Kreischberg/Nicole Freisinger