GroupyTravel – the smart name tag – is an innovative and reliable system for organized group travel.


all benefits:

The Groupy system consists of one USER-Tag for each passenger, a CONTROLLER-tag for the tour guide and a SMARTPHONE-APP as administration user interface.

All passengers on the radar.

Through personalization of the individual devices (prior to travel), the tour guide always has an accurate overview of the passengers present and can lead the entire group in a targeted manner. Time-consuming manual counting of group members is no longer necessary – thus an optimal organization and enormous reduction of waiting times is ensured.
In case of passenger lagging back during the guided tour, they automatically get informed via a warning message just in time and can therefore rejoin the group again quickly.

Perfect and continuous communication.

GroupyTravel is more than an innovative system on the organization of group completeness. The smart name tag also includes a real-time audio guide for optimal communication during a guided tour. Important announcements of the tour guide can not only be streamed live, but can also be recorded easily and reheard again and again at any given time

Infoservice for passengers.

Important travel information, details of the travel program or background information and useful things to know about the destination can be saved on the device by the tour operator – prior to each travel. During the journey, passengers can access this info easily as audio messages via an info-button – at any time, always available.

Together, audio guide and audio messages offer a complete information service package for the passenger, as an indispensable element of a relaxed journey.

User-friendly and easy handling.

The USER tag will be handed over to each passenger at the beginning of the trip and becomes a constant companion during the journey. It receives all the messages from the tour guide, is a transmission device of information and monitors the location of the travel guest to organize the group completeness. It is small, light, easy to use and always with you!

Optimal overview for the tour guide.

The CONTROLLER tag is taken along by the tour guide during the journey. The configuration of the “travel group” can be done comfortably via the tour guide’s smartphone. During a guided tour, a live stream can directly be transmitted to all participants via a built-in (or external) microphone. The group completeness runs permanently and automatically, thus enabling an enormous time-saving and efficient organization of a group travel.

Innovative & smart

The Groupy system is delivered with an intelligent system case
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Your system.
Your branding.

A broad range of branding possibilities is available
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