Princely strolling through Liechtenstein – with Groupy and the Citytrain

Have you ever explored a city in a sightseeing excursion train? There is an exciting further project starting in the middle of September in Austria’s neighboring country of Liechtenstein!

The Citytrain Vaduz more than a colourful children’s attraction or cozy retirement-trip. With GroupyCity, you can experience Liechtenstein’s princely residence at a very special tour.

The Citytrain travels in a 35-minute city tour through the “tiny but fine” jewel of the Principality of Liechtenstein and offers a unique experience with GroupyCity. During the tour, Groupy automatically recognizes the positions by means of built-in GPS transmitters and recounts about the exciting sights, the most important to land and the princely house, but also to historical and recent events.


Multilingualism as a special plus

GroupyCity inspires young and young at heart!

GroupyCity enables the operators of the Citytrain to welcome international visitors from different language regions and can provide the incredible number of 29 different languages on one tour – played at the same time. The visitor just sets the channel once before the tour starts, to select the individual language. There is no need of any further manual number input as all content is automatically played back by Groupy at the specific positions.



A view of the princely residence of Vaduz Palace, the red house or the Rheinpark stadium are enriched by the acoustic accompaniment as well as the journey through the historic old town or the government district. Further information about the Citytrain tours can be found >>here<< and on Facebook !


GroupyCity – the „allrounder“ can be extended individually

With GroupyCity, not only city tours become a great adventure – the system can be expanded individually. The inclusion of museums or exhibitions is possible as well (indoor via number identification) as local companies or restaurants can be advertised using the GPS recognition.

Certainly all devices are individually branded – on the front side of the Groupy you can use beautiful photos of the region or logos (interchangeable) and also the lanyards can be designed / printed as desired.


Get more info about GroupyCity here!


We are very pleased to be able to implement a really exciting project with this cooperation and to revive the international flair in Vaduz!

Photocredit: Citytrain AG, Daniel Real