With 85 exclusively selected and precious exhibits of the Mayer Collection and entitled “Close to Heaven”, the new gothic exhibition got ceremoniously opened on 01st May, 2017.

Complementing the already extraordinary diversity of the collections in the world biggest monastic library, a further and permanent dimension of sacred art of the late middle ages is to be added – on an exhibition surface measuring 400 square meters.

Numerous art lovers, museum directors, art collectors and historians from Austria, Switzerland and Germany were celebrating the opening together with Admont Monastery and the collectors Kuno and Helga Maier.

The exhibition can be exclusively experienced through GroupyMuseum – the unique audio transmission system with a special dual function for group tours in museum facilities.

International visitors can individually explore the sculptures, painted panels and stained glass items in six different languages. All exhibits can be called via number identification. Additionally to that, GroupyMuseum can be used as a live audio guide for exclusive tours with a museum guide. The dual function of GroupyMuseum therefore enables an enormous value added and unrivalled experience.

Since October 2016, GroupyMuseum is working successfully in library tours in Admont. As of now, all visitors of “Close to Heaven” can enjoy the special experience of the unique audio transmission system as well.

Fotocredit: ©Stift Admont, ®Marcel J. Peda, Pedagrafie